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· Borderline (An Ode to Self Care)

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Borderline (An Ode to Self Care)

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Today’s reading will aid you in discerning Health from a sociological perspective. What function does the social construct of health and its medical institutions have in society? “Borderline” by Solange ft. Q-Tip discusses the importance of self-care in the fast-paced society that we dwell. What types of self-care practices do you engage in? Take a listen?







Use the Library’s Database to locate an article from the 
 that focuses on some aspect of Health (I have attached a document of suitable options). 

InfographicHealthTopics.docx – Alternative Formats

Use the link below to create an 
original Infographic
 that reflects key findings in the article. Key findings may be found in the 

 section of the article (if these sections are not included they may be found elsewhere). They may be an important discovery, a statistic, a recommendation, a breakthrough, new development etc. DO NOT UPLOAD IMAGES OF INFOGRAPHICS THAT YOU DID NOT CREATE. 

Infographic must include:

a). identify at least one sociological question authors wanted to address/explore with the research 

b). identify three key findings/statistics/results from the research (such can be found in the article’s abstract, results or discussion section) and

c). Identify who you would share this information with

******link to infographic generator


(type in health, health and wellness etc to find specific designs OR choose any template of your liking)


 In a 
Word Document
, respond to the following questions 
 in one paragraph each (5-6 sentences)

    1. People with higher socioeconomic status can expect to live longer lives and have greater physical well-being than those with lower socioeconomic status. What factors contribute to these unequal health outcomes?

    2. What are the two major areas that sociologists study when they consider the environment as a social problem? How does the ecological footprint exemplify this?

    3. Why do people join social movements? Compare competing theories and discuss the assumptions behind them.


 Attach the  Research article, Infographic and Word Document  in your submission. 

Example of an Infographic

The Sociology of Health & Illness Topics


-Eating habits/Diets?



-Mental health


-Sexually transmitted infections

-Infant Mortality

-Chronic Diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc.)

-Drug abuse

-The doctor-patient relationship

-How culture impacts attitudes toward disease and wellness

-The structure and socioeconomics of Health Care

-Black women and Lupus

-Black women and pain

-How the Criminal justice system (policing, incarceration etc.) affects health

 -Stigmatization of illness

-How does race, socioeconomic status, sexuality or gender affect health (social determinants of health)