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1. The Dark Age refers to

a. a period of military chaos but economic prosperity in the Greek world.

b. a period of migration of Greek tribes away from fertile lands to the mountains and the abandonment of Aegean islands.

c. a period of transition between Mycenaean and Hellenic civilizations.

d. a period of economic chaos but artistic and intellectual growth.

2. The work of Homer

a. depicts the gods as primarily responsible for the good or evil that befell human beings.

b. rejects military prowess and the pursuit of glory and fame as criteria for human excellence.

c. contains the origins of the notion that human excellence was a combination of thought and action.

d. celebrates war without reflecting on its tragic character

3. The Olympian religion that emerged in ancient Greece

a. centered on a powerful professional priesthood that could dictate absolute truths.

b. did not put an end to the worship of local gods or the practicing of local rituals.

c. played no role in the lives of the Greek people after the development of philosophy.

d. was monotheistic, worshipping Zeus as the only god

4. The polis