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1) The objective of the case study analysis is to provide an opportunity to examine and report on the outcomes of a business case in a collaborative environment. 

2) All questions at the end of the case study are to be answered. The questions are to be discussed with reference to the concepts presented in the text. Wider reading is recommended to broaden the perspective of your answers. At least 4 academic journal references should be cited. 

3) Each report will need to contain sufficient detailed information to clearly address the issues. 

4) Please refer to the attached file for the case study on NZ Road Safety Advertising. 

Book: Integrated Marketing Communications 5th Asia Pacific Edition by Bill Chitty, Edwina Luck, Nigel barker, Anne-Marie Sassenberg, Terence A. Shimp, J. Craig Andrews


Format of the Paper: 

  • Times New Roman
  • 12 Font size
  • Single-line spacing
  • Minimum of 5 pages of written work
  • Chicago Referencing Style
  • Minimum of 4 academic journal references
  • Include references and appendices as appropriate

Marking Scheme: 

  • Understanding of academic theory – application and analysis of relevant theories [7 marks]
  • Understanding of broader concepts – additional research demonstrated with discussion from a broader perspective [5 marks]
  • Academic Research – 4 relevant academic journal articles cited with relevance to the discussion [4 marks]
  • Quality of Writing – clarity in writing, concise, avoiding grammatical and spelling errors [2 marks]
  • Overall report presentation – correct formatting, appropriate appendices and correct referencing [2 marks]


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