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 250-300 word response to one of the following discussion prompts by Day 5 in the discussion area:  What is one method for developing personal financial goals? What could stand in your way of reaching these goals? Micro expenses are the small expenses we have on a recurring basis. Examples of micro expenses include buying a cup of coffee, buying an item from a vending machine, and eating out. How do micro expenses add up over time? How can micro expenses affect your personal financial goals? Think about your daily life. What could you do differently to cut down on your micro expenses? If so, how might this impact your present financial decisions? In the WileyPLUS "Demonstration Problem Video 1.2: What Monthly Payment Is Necessary to Pay Off Your Debt?" in this week's Learning Path, what did you learn about paying off a debt? Why is it important to pay off debts? What types of barriers can get in the way of paying off debts? How might you avoid those barriers?