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300 words for each question, due Monday

Econ 3316 Labor Economics
Take-home exam
November 8, 2021

Due November 15 (Monday) at midnight.

Work independently from other students.

Write 300-400 words on each of the following questions. Your answers should be concise and specific.
Answer the questions fully. Proof-read your answers.

Use your lecture notes, PowerPoints, and the assigned readings as you prepare your answers. But use your
own words and don’t quote anything. As you have all this material available to you, I expect your answers
will be good. Do not do produce answers at the last minute: answers that appear quickly produced will be
treated harshly.

Submit your answers via Canvas using the appropriate link for this assignment. Upload a single doc or
docx document with all your answers.

1. How is the NLRA different from any previous labor law in the United States? Be specific.

2. What is “strike leverage”? What determines the strike leverage of unions and of management?

3. Describe “paternalistic pattern.” Contrast the “bureaucratic pattern” with the “human resource
management pattern.”

4. Concisely describe the organizing process.

5. Discuss the legal and illegal tactics management has used in recent years to keep unions out of the
workplace. (Do not repeat anything you’ve already said in response to question #3.) Be specific.