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4-5 pages, double-spaced, with APA in-text citations to support all facts AND a Reference Page

Presentation Week (Develop a brief PowerPoint to give an overview of your project AND how it relates to the concept of ‘abnormal psychology’).

Attached is the first page of the course project and outline. If you would like to do 4 pages all you have to do is three more and a PowerPoint. The PowerPoint needs to be 5 slides.  

Darielle Brooks

Professor Clifford

Introduction to Mental Health

September 10, 2021

Scenario Development of a Hypothetical Character

The celebrity that I have chosen is Britney Spears. Britney Spears has been battling a case with her father against conservatorship- which means that she does not have total control over her finances and decisions that are needed to be made within her life. Some may ask well why does need a conservator? According to USA Today it says, “ that Britney Spears suffered a mental breakdown in 2007, alarmingly played out before the paparazzi who captured her behaving erratically, at one point attacking a car with an umbrella and at another shaving her head. In addition to that, her father and lawyer named, Andrew Wallet was appointed to be co-conservator in 2008 (Puente,M. 2019).”This behavior with Britney Spears started when there was divorce between her ex-husband, Kevin Federline and lost custody of her two children. In 2008 Britney was admitted to the hospital and was recommended to have a psychiatric assessment taken. Which was why her father gaining the conservatorship over her life. Britney Spears has been under the conservatorship for at least a decade now and still contributing to the music industry and also serving as a judge on X-Factor. During the time that she has been under the conservatorship she has accumulated a net worth of $59m, but has contributed $1.1 m within the legal system and the fees for the conservator. Currently, Britney Spears has been tussling over the conservatorship because she now wants to end it and have control over her life now because she feels that her father has been abusing the rights with being a conservator. Also she feel like she is capable enough to handle her life decisions and start her family life back over again. Furthermore, with the testimonies and allegations that Britney has made, her father filed a petition asking the court to consider if they really think the conservatorship should be ended. With the several cases and court hearings that has been made within the timeframe that the petition was filed by her father they have granted the access in September 2019 to let her father step aside as the sole conservator and will still have control over finances while they find a professional conservator that will serve as overseeing her “security, visitors, and medical and psychiatric treatment (Puente, M 2019).”

Reference Page

Puente, M. (2019, October 25). Why does Britney SPEARS still have a conservator? Legal expert says her case file suggests answers. USA Today. Retrieved September 12, 2021, from https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2019/10/24/britney-spears-why-does-she-still-need-conservator/2288009001/.

Darielle Brooks

Professor Clifford Marsh

Introduction to Mental Health

October 23, 2021

Hypothetical Case Scenario Outline

Character: Britney Spears

Introduction: Britney Spears has been battling a case with her father against conservatorship. Which means that she doesn’t have control over her finances and decisions that are needed to be made within her life. She was put under conservatorship because she suffered a mental breakdown within her divorce with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline and lost custody of her two children. Her father and Andrew Wallet were appointed to the co-conservators for Britney. Furthermore, Britney feels like her father is taking advantage of the conservatorship and wants to have all of ownership of her life back.

Discussion of the major issues of concern from the case:

a) Attacking paparazzi car with an umbrella

b) Shaving her head

c) Britney without panties

d) Losing custody of her kids

Discussion of symptoms as they relate to various psychological/psychiatric disorders:

· Depression

· Mood swings

· Feeling alone and alienated

· During the mental breakdown Britney would be diagnosed for being bipolar

Discussion of types of mental health treatments for her, based upon the symptoms ( and why):

· With Britney Spears having these several breakdowns she went was later sent to a psychiatric center to be evaluated. They later kept her a few months to work on her issues to help her get herself together.

Conclusion (Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of her current situation with what can happen after her treatment.

· The advantages of her current situation she was able to be released from the psychiatric center once she was in a good space of a great mindset for her life. She also was able to continue into her pop star life and be able to make money for herself to live right and provide for her children. The disadvantages of her situation would be being under her father control with making decisions based upon her own life and finances. Also not being in physical contact with her children or ex-husband and her father possibly taking some of her money with being the conservator of her finances.

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