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Final Report

Based on your readings, discussions with your peers, and research,  consolidate the concepts from this course into a report that addresses  the following points. This high-stakes assignment represents 25% of the  final overall grade, so provide adequate depth.

One of the themes of this course has been the comparison between  business leadership and leadership in the criminal justice field. In  some ways, the techniques and challenges are similar between the two  worlds, but in other ways there are vast differences.

For this assignment, you will compare the position of police chief with that of a business executive.

  • What are the similarities and differences in the leadership styles  of a business executive and a police chief? Refer to the traits  discussed earlier in the course.
  • In what specific ways do a police chief’s management tasks resemble  those of an executive in private business? A police chief does not need  to meet with stockholders, and a business executive doesn’t have to  interrogate suspects, but they do have numerous tasks in common.
  • Strategic planning is an important part of leadership. Of course, a  police chief will have the goal of reducing crime rates. Explain at  least five other legitimate, measurable goals that a police chief will  want to attain. How will the chief determine whether the goals have been  met?
  • Discuss the specific leadership requirements that subordinates in a  police department will have, and show how they resemble or differ from  those in a private company. In other words, show how the supervision  needs of a patrol officer or dispatcher would differ from those of an  employee in a typical business.
  • A difficult challenge confronting many police departments is that of  recruitment and hiring. Many departments find it difficult or  impossible to recruit new officers to match the diversity of the  community. How can a police chief address this challenge?

Support your analysis and suggestions with proper reasoning,  examples, and research data. Use structured text like bolding, headings,  bulleted lists, and charts/tables where appropriate to increase the  clarity of your communication. Cite the resources you use in APA style.