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Section 1

Ted sits down at the large conference table in Meeting Room F. He eyes the plain white clock on the wall, two minutes to the hour, then the door before turning his attention to the blank notebook in front of him. He’s struggling to write down the meeting name at the top of page, being that the invite he received used the location as the subject, when someone else walks in the room.

“Bill!” The surprise in Ted’s voice is thinly veiled and he feels a blush warming his neck along his shirt collar.

“Yup, it’s me. I know it’s been quite a while since we worked together over in Linguistics, Ted, but I find it hard to believe you’d think I wouldn’t be here.”

Ted stammers, trying to collect his thoughts and form some kind of coherent response, when he’s interrupted by yet another arrival. This man pauses in the door, taking in the stock photo-esque conference room. “All the money into renovating the conference rooms and this is what we get? White? No pictures, nothing?”

Bill gives Ted a pointed look before turning to the newcomer. “Gary, man, how’s it going over in Fiscal?”

“Aw, you know. Same shit, different source. Just like everything else in this godforsaken place. What say we get down to business? I’ve got somewhere else to be in a half hour.”

Bill shrugs. “Fine by me. So, speaking of sources of shit and why we’re gathered here today,” he pauses to wink at Ted. “Who exactly do you think we’re supposed to be taking care of?”

Section 2

“Julianne started the whole thing in the first place!” Ted bursts out. “She made first contact, I say it’s her.”

Gary leans forward over the table. “Now, now. The rooms aren’t sound proof, damn it, keep it together. Just because Julianne started it doesn’t mean she’s the one. Jeff had a whole lot of influence on the entire deal. Coming from all angles, playing everyone.”

Bill looks from Gary to Ted and back before sighing. “Do you two know anything about how this is supposed to work?” He pauses, but neither of the men say anything. He continues, “That’s about what I thought. Dan is our guy.

Submit: Complex World Article—Overcoming a Barrier When You Have a Diverse Population

Reflecting on your DEI experience in the previous discussion, compose an article for the Complex World.

Your article should address the following: 

Give a brief description of the scenario you presented in the M3.3 discussion.

How would you handle this situation (which was the topic of your DEI experience discussion) now, based on what you have experienced and learned in this course? 

Make a recommendation based upon best practices and experience for handling such situations in the future. Be sure your recommendations are supported with evidence from valid and reliable sources. 


For Complex World, here are the formatting requirements:

Your article should be no fewer than 600 words and no more than 800.

Your article should be submitted using the Complex World submission template. Download submission template.

You have the ability to move images and headings within the template.

Be sure to include subheadings to break up your text and walk the readers through the sections of the article.

Lead and inline images are highly suggested. Note that images convey emotion, much like our article cover does. They also help to break up the text. Unsplash (Links to an external site.)
 or Pixabay (Links to an external site.)
 are great sources for free images.

Assignment Guidelines

This assignment is due on Sunday by 11:59 pm ET. You will be assessed using the attached rubric.