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A) you are a paralegal working at the law office of Daniel Johnson,Esq. The office takes adoption cases. While working on one of these cases, you learn that Mr. Johnson told a birth mother that she can have a job as receptionist at the law firm if she agrees to give up her baby for adoption to one of the firm's clients. You are asked to interview the birth mother for this job. During the interview, you learn that she is clearly not qualified for the job that the only reason she is giving up her baby for adoption is that she needs the job. You do not say anything to anyone about her suitability for the job or her hesitancy about going through with the adoption any ethical problems?

B) You area paralegal working at the law offices of Karen Smith,Esq. Smith represents Helen Owens, a birth mother who wants to place her child for adoption. Smith asks you to interview Rachael Davis, a prospective adoptive parent. You do so. When it becomes clear that Davis is a good candidate for the adoption, Smith explains the adoption process to Davis. Any ethical problems?