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Question Description

As of this past Monday, your investment portfolio has at least ten stock holdings – each a minimum size of $5,000.

For this week’s assignment:

1.)  Sell at least two company holdings that will result in an investment gain (ie you made money on the trade and you want to book the profits so that you can buy yourself a new computer tomorrow.)

2.) Position your portfolio to be diversified by Industry (minimum of six different industries) and Market Cap (there must be some exposure other than Large Cap (ie an All Cap fund, a mid-cap stock, a small-cap fund, etc).

3.) Buy at least three mutual funds – each a minimum size of 5% of the total portfolio value.

  • One must be a socially responsible fund.  
  • The second must be a passive equity index fund.
  • The third must be a bond fund.

All positions within the portfolio must be a minimum 5% size.

There must always be a minimum of 8 positions.

Submit screenshots of the following HTMW tables (4 different charts):

Open Positions

Transaction History

The Pie Chart on the right-side of the HTMW screen while viewing Open Positions — for both Industry and Market Cap.

In “My Rankings” — if you are ever listed as the first (highest portfolio value), take a screenshot and submit in that week’s assignment to receive additional points.