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·  This Annual Report Project, Part 1 and Part 2, worth 150 points (15%) of your total grade, 50 points from Part 1 and 100 points from Part 2.

·  It is a GROUP project with member(s) of your study group.

·  This will also be a great warm up for your Business Case Competition scheduled in the last semester before graduation. Note that Case Competition is one of graduation requirements (check with School of Business Administration website)


·  Prepare and submit Annual Report: Part 1. No more than 20 pages in WORD.

·  Prepare and submit your Annual Report: Part 2. No more than 20 pages in WORD. You may also submit a revised version of your Part 1 at this time.

·  Attach all supporting materials, including Excel Spreadsheet you have used for analyses

Companies to Analyze

·  J. C. Penney Company Inc. (JCP)

·  Macy’s Inc. (M)

Part 1 (50 points): Due 10/29

·  Industry Analysis

o  Economic Characteristics

o  Governmental and Regulatory Environment

o  Market Position and Market Share