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What motivated the Kansas Nebraska Act that resulted in Bleeding Kansas? Does the slogan “The End Justifies the Means” apply to this situation? Watch this clip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy48hYnhz4M) and comment on the justification of the Kansas violence with 50 to 150 words using and citing information from the textbook to support your argument.

example answer

Kansas was neither a slave or anti-slavery state. As states in Brief American Pageant, the act “[p]roposed that the issue of slavery be decided by popular sovereignty in the Kansas and Nebraska Territories…”.1 This caused great conflict between the Union and the South, and “By one way of reckoning, it greased the slippery slope to civil war.” (Kennedy, Cohen, Piehl 294). The video showed how neither side settled with the idea that the other side will take control of Kansas. The video highlighted how both of the parties came down to Kansas “armed to the teeth” to secure the land and spread their beliefs. I guess the slogan applies to this situation because slavery was a topic that was being discussed for decades now and not a lot of action has been done to abolish such. Fighting over whether there should be slaves or not is a good way to determine what goes.