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Annotated Bibliography

Nathan Yerby: Statistics On Addiction In America, Last Edited October 27, 2021


In this website, Yerby goes on to describe multiple different Statistics for the users of multiple different drugs, in multiple different communities. He provides lots of information on multiple different types of drugs and how many people of certain ages used them. His article is very informative and provides a larger scale in terms of how many drugs are used every month in schools alone.

Bethany K. Laurance: Medicare Coverage of Inpatient Rehabilitation Stays


This article talks about what things medical insurance cover when in a rehabilitation center. It also explains that no matter what, medicare cannot deny you coverage. This means that you will always be able to get treated no matter what hospital you go to as long as you have Medicare or another healthcare service like it.

Drug Abuse Treatment Information: How Does Recovery Work? Written By Melissa Lynn Mills

This website provides useful information for people who do not quite know what a Rehab center is used for. This website provides information such as what services they provide, it also provides information about which services are available in your area.

GoodTherapy: 5 Myths and Facts About Drug Rehab. Written by Crystal Raypole


This website is a lot like the last website, the only difference is it also talks about common myths about Rehab Centers and also gives you facts that you might not have known previously. It talks about how Rehab centers may be expensive in certain situations. It has very good information about Rehabilitation Centers and any information that has to do with them.

Percentage of college students in the United States who had used select drugs in the past 30 days in 2020-2021 Statista

This website uses multiple different graphs and charts to show the percentage of college students that use drugs, and how many did so in the last 30 days since they updated it last. Having this information is a good way to see how many people use these drugs and how many we should help. Some people unfortunately have a bad reaction and pass away when using drugs for the first time. Having this as a way to track how many people survived and need help will hopefully help to keep more and more people from dying from drug use.

Annotated Bibliography Peer Review Prompt

English 1302 Rhetoricand Composition I

This assignment is called the Annotated Peer Review. Earlier this semester each of you were asked to join a group for your discussion a group bibliography. Later on, I had instructed that each of you find a total of 5 sources that you will need for your research paper- the M.I., also known as Mapping the Issue. For this assignment students are to complete the attached peer review after choosing an annotated bibliography from any of your classmates that has posted. All students will be reqired to post thier full 5 sources to the discussion board, prior to doing this assingment. I have asked 5 questions for students to answer for each annotation. Once completed, students should have a peer review closer to 4-5 pages, if they done this assignment correctly. 

This assignment will be worth 100 points.



For each entry:

1) Identify what kind of source it is book, journal article, magazine article, newspaper.

encyclopedia entry, database summary article, website (and what kind of website)?

2) Did the writer properly cite the source in MLA format? If so, indicate which citation

entry in the SF W it corresponds to (ex. 27. Journal article, p. 283). If not, suggest a

possible citation entry in the SW (ex. 44. Online article, p. 287).

3) Does the writer’s include an I statement? Does the writer include a contribution to the

argument? If missing. suggest some I statements. Please indicate if any of these elements

are missing.

4) Has the writer identified how he/she will use this source in his/her own research? If so,

briefly describe the relevance and usefulness of the source to the writer’s research. If not,

suggest a possible application for the source.