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Research Proposal

1. Research Title
2. Research Objective

-what you wish to examine
-clarify the purpose

-what is the research question

3. Background (optional)

You should elaborate on history or social structure of the community (or place)
you would like to study.

4. Literature Review

-in depth explanation of your research objective (what you want to do and
why).Taking under consideration what has already been written on the topic,
why is your research important? How your research will complement or discredit

already published literature on that topic.

5. Methodology

This section should answer the questions of:

-where (will your field site be?)

-who (what community will you be working with?)

-when (what schedule do you plan to follow?)

-how (what methods will you use to investigate the problem? Ex. Life
histories, participant observations, etc.)

6. References cited