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Assignment 5.2: Leverage Relationship Capital (Individual Project — Part 10)

Theme 2: Relationship Capital

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In the first Assignment in this Module, we established how to communicate our technology proposal. In this next step, we are looking at the wider area of communication and who else could support your efforts in which way.

The importance of this point lies in the fact that although our communication plan will reach those we consider to be affected by the proposed changes, there is usually a larger group of individuals who will either be directly affected, but we are not aware of this, or, even more significant, who are indirectly affected because the technology introduction will affect the way they fulfill their objectives. While we can never identify ALL those who are directly and indirectly influenced, we can reflect on how to build and use relationships with various key individuals in the organizations in order to generate the support and advocacy required for the unexpected effects of the technology proposal. The concept that is used for this purpose is that of “relationship capital,” which is addressed in the next reading.


This entire course can be thought of as a complex persuasion process designed to help people acknowledge and overcome resistance so they can commit to, or at least comply with, the changes you are trying to make. In this Assignment we will explore what relationship capital is available to you in order to support a successful transformation process.

Required Readings

Optional Readings


  1. After reviewing the previous Theme, use the section “Relationship capital” in the project plan template document to create a relationship matrix that lists and evaluates the relationships relevant to your technology proposal. It should include the identification and prioritization of relationships additional to key information on personal and professional levels.
  2. Consider ways in which your transformation project depends upon relationship capital to succeed. What sort of events would need the support of these relationships and what would happen if they were not available?
  3. Post this section of your project to the course Forum.
    Note that in Module 7 you’ll compile this and the other sections of the project plan into a single, coherent proposal. By then you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of how the work done in this Module fits into the bigger picture, and can revise accordingly.
  4. Review at least two peer submissions and comment constructively by reflecting on differences between their projects and yours. Are there common types of relationships you recognize and if so, why might this be the case?