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Assignment Content

  1. All projects begin by answering one of two questions:
    • How can I make business scenario ABC better or more efficient?
    • What business scenario can I automate to benefit organization XYZ?
    • For this assignment, select a business scenario you would like to develop into a project over the next five weeks. You have two options:
    • You may select one of the two business scenarios described in Select a Business Scenario.
    • You may select a business scenario of your choosing. This can be a scenario from your workplace; for example, a frustrating process you have been eager to rework or a potential process you have been thinking of that does not exist yet but that you think would be valuable to your organization if it were developed into an IT project.
    • Note: If you decide to select a business scenario of your choosing, you must obtain approval from your instructor for your scenario before beginning the project proposal assignment, which is also due this week.

      Download Select a Business Scenario and read through the options.

      Type your selection (Scenario A, Scenario B, or Scenario C) directly into the Select a Business Scenario document (on the space provided next to each scenario). If you select Scenario C, you must include a scenario description as outlined in the document.


Is a prenuptial agreement that is in writing always enforceable?

No, unless there is consideration for the agreement.

Yes, promises made in contemplation of marriage must be in writing.

No, prenuptial agreements violate public policy and are not enforceable.

Yes, because a prenuptial agreement has all of the elements necessary to form a contract.


If a party to a contract unjustifiably fails to perform their obligations under a contract:

substantial performance will save them from having breached the contract.

that party can avoid breaching the contract by creating a novation.

a material breach of the contract has occurred.

the contract is cancelled.


If a specific event must occur before a party to a contract is required to perform their obligations under the contract, the contract:

is voidable.

must be in writing.

contains a condition precedent.

is not enforceable.


If a verbal contract should be in writing according to the statute of frauds, but a party to the contract relies on the contract and takes some action to their detriment:

they have acted in violation of the statute of frauds.

a court may enforce the contract under the promissory estoppel doctrine.

a court will require that the other party to the contract restore whatever has been received from the party who took action under the contract.

a court will declare that the contract is voidable.


One of the primary purposes of the statute of frauds requirement that a contract be in writing is:

that courts do not favor verbal contracts.

to provide reliable evidence that a contract exists.

to ensure that lawyers are involved in the making of all contracts.

to ensure that contracts involving large sums of money are precise.


If A and B make a contract and then, with A’s consent, C replaces B in the contract:

the contract has been breached.

A can still hold B liable if the contract is breached.

a novation has occurred.

B can hold C responsible if the contract is breached.


If a party to a contract performs almost all of their obligations under the contract and has not intentionally failed to perform the obligations under the contract that they have not completed:

a court may find that there has not been a breach of contract according to the substantial performance doctrine.

they have breached the contract.

a continuing condition has not been satisfied.

the contract is voidable.


The statute of frauds requires that a contract that cannot be performed within 1 year be in writing to be enforceable. When does the time begin to run in such a contract?

The date that performance is to begin

The dates specified by the parties to the contract

30 days after the contract is made

The date on which the contract was made


Impossibility of performance can relieve a party from performance of their obligations under a contract if:

an unforeseen event causes performance of the obligations to be physically impossible.

the contract specifically provides that performance is forgiven.

the contract is in writing.

an event that was expected when the contract was made occurs.


Partial performance is an exception to the statute of frauds requirement that a contract be in writing to be enforceable because:

the actions of the parties in partially performing the contract demonstrate the existence of the contract and the terms of the contract.

once performance of obligations required in a contract begin, that performance must be completed.

partial performance is considered to be an admission that the parties to the contract have carefully considered the obligations they assumed in making the contract.

under English common law, any action under a contract makes a party to the contract responsible for fully performing the contract.


4-H and Chuck, a farmer, entered into a verbal contract that required Chuck to deliver 20,000 bushels of corn to 4-H when Chuck harvested the corn crop on his farm. Chuck planted enough corn on his farm to produce the 20,000 bushels of corn that he was required to deliver to 4-H, but as the corn was growing, a severe storm dumped excessive amounts of rain on Chuck’s farm and damaged his corn crop. When Chuck harvested his corn crop, he was only able to salvage 7,000 bushels of corn and could not deliver the 20,000 bushels that he had agreed to deliver to 4-H. Does Chuck have a defense to breach of the contract with 4-H? What is that defense?

Your response must be at least 75 words in length.



Bill and Spenser entered into a contract on March 1, 2019, which required Spenser to build a house according to plans and specifications supplied by Bill. Under that contract, Spenser was required to begin work on the house by April 1, 2019, and complete the house by April 15, 2020. Was that contract required to be in writing? Why, or why not?

Your response must be at least 75 words in length.