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HLP 7: VR Lesson Plan Part A


Complete tables with your own information by deleting & replacing light gray example text. Consider either (a) developing separate plans for in-person & remote instruction or (b) including examples across contexts

Positive Classroom Expectations Look Like, Sound Like, Feel Like in…


Part A


Teacher- Directed Instruction

Small Group Activities

Independent Work



1. Kind to self

· Use whole body listening


· Share your ideas

· Do your best

· Ask for help if you need it

· Bring what you need to be ready for what’s next


2. Kind to others

· Calm body & quiet voice

· Mute tech


· Actively listen

· Take turns

· Wear a mask


· Calm body & quiet voice

· Stay in your own space

· Quiet voice

· Keep a 6’ space bubble


3. Kind to environment

· Take care of your space


· Take care of your space & materials


· Take care of your space & materials


· Leave space better than you found it









Assignment Details

Watch PBIS videos:

· What is PBIS? https://youtu.be/URR7A33ArTY (Links to an external site.)

· Positive Behavior Support TED Talk: https://youtu.be/995j6uhxN9g

Review current rules & revise your grade level classroom expectations using the “Creating Effective Classroom Environment Template” (Appendix C

Actions). uploaded paper.

You are either a 1st or 8th-grade teacher. It is mid-October and you have noticed that your students are often off task, talking to one another during transitions, and not following the classroom rules you created at the beginning of the year. Upon further reflection, you realized you did not explicitly teach and model your classroom rules.
Your task is to evaluate, rewrite, and explicitly teach your revised classroom.

If you choose to be a 1st grade teacher. These are your current classroom rules.

1st Grade Classroom Rules

1. Don’t fight.

2. Don’t play.

3. Don’t throw classroom items.

4. Listen to the teacher.

5. Don’t be lazy, work hard.

6. Don’t be mean.

7. You must be polite.

8. Keep your hands to yourself.

If you choose to be an 8th

grade teacher. These are your current classroom rules.

WHAT NOT TO DO: 8th Grade Classroom Rules

1. Touch my stuff. My desk is MY territory, so I ask that you please respect my space.

2. Have your cellphone on in class. I know everyone has a cellphone, but nobody should be texting during school time. If your phone goes off in class, I will have to take it and give it to the office.

3. Interrupt/talk over me. Here’s a little friendly hint from me to you. . . Don’t do this! It’s incredibly rude and disrespectful.

4. Moan and groan about other teachers. If you feel the need to complain about a teacher, please find another place to do it.

5. Constantly make comparisons to 7th grade. Guess what? That was so last year! You’re in 8th grade now . . . we don’t do it the way they did it in 7th grade. Our expectations are different, and you’ll need to adjust to them.

6. Always ask “Do I need to use complete sentences???”. Want to see my head spin, steam come out my ears, my face turns red, and my voice get loud and angry? Keep asking me this question. You should ALWAYS use complete sentences unless you’re told otherwise.

7. Watch the clock and start packing up early. There is NOWHERE in school you can’t reach in 3 minutes. Class is over when I finish it, not before.

8. Laptops . . . quite simply, don’t open them unless I’ve told you to do so.

9. “What did I miss?”. We actually cancel class when you’re not here. All kidding aside, find out from a classmate what worksheet(s) you missed, and then let me know if there’s anything else you need.

10. Touch my stuff. Seriously, I wasn’t kidding when I listed this as #1 on this list. Please respect the one little area in my room that’s mine!

What to Submit:

Part A: Using the template, Choose 1st or 8th grade rules and revise your grade level rules (write what your classroom expectations will look like, sound like, and feel like).