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the reply must be at least 125 words, 1 DETAIL PARAGRAPH, 8-10 SENTENCES AT LEAST

You must respond to at least one of your fellow classmates evaluating their ideas and offering further suggestions for improvement and experimentation. 

· Make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation.

· Comply with Netiquette Guidelines in the “Getting Started” area and include a salutation to your classmate, such as Dear John Student.

There are many ways to take notes. It’s helpful to try out different methods and determine which work best for you in different situations. Whether you are learning online or in person, the physical act of writing can help you remember better than just listening or reading. Research shows that taking notes by hand is more effective than typing on a laptop. Taking notes is important for two main reasons, it helps you concentrate, and taking notes helps deepen your understanding. Also, taking good notes helps you when it comes time to study for a test, your notes are one of your best study tools. Since you created them yourself, your notes will make more sense to you than the textbook. 

Every time I write an important word, definition, citation. Anything that is going to help me, I always make a little note under it or even better I highlighted. Since I was in highschool I always had different color for diferent things. This technique help me a lot and I find the information faster since I know what color I hightlighted each information. Strengthening my listening and concentratiom has been a big challenge for me. I will not lie, I get distracted by anything, then to get that attention is a little hard. That’s why I’ve been practicing with listenning to record and writting the best notes I hear. It helps me and a do it because when I go back to school I will be prepare.