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This is a group assignment, the full instructions and requirements are attached, but I just need the sections a) Overview of the Chick-fill-A Organization and b) Developing Human Resources. Please integrate a Christian worldview (CWV) component in the presentation, cited within the presentation, not just provided as references, please write the references after each section no at the end of the document. I am paying for one page because I consider is more than enough, but if by any reason you need to use more like you did in number 146521, I will tip you as well (you can confirm a $10.00 tip on October 12, 2021 for the 146521)
In section A, Overview of the Chick-fill-A Organization you need to 1) Provide an overview of the chosen organization. 2) Justify the choice of the organization. 3) Identify the change needed and how the issue has impacted the organization. The need of change should be comprehensive and detailed. A thorough description of that subsystem is provided and supported with relevant examples or personal insights to further understanding. Justification for the need of change is clear and well-integrated. Supporting material is of exceptional quality and quantity.
In section B, Developing Human Resources you need to 1) Propose how the organization should develop the human resources (attracted in the previous section) to support the change. 2) Focus the proposal to develop human resources on one of the following: employee orientation, training and development, or performance appraisal, and 3) Explain how the proposed efforts to develop human resources to bring about the change will affect the primary organizational subsystem identified. The proposal for how the organization should attract the human resources required to bring about the change, including discussion of specifics of this effort as instructed in the assignment, is thorough and well-integrated. Examples and personal insights are used to further understanding. Supporting material is of exceptional quality and quantity. Thanks