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1.Ethics: Let’s keep it simple this week:

How much do you agree with Carol Gilligan that there is a difference between a female and male ethics?Do you think this difference is largely biological or cultural (nature or nurture)?

2.Trade:Explain why exchange?rate quotations stated in different financial centers tend to be consistent with one another.

3.Social inequality patterns and processes by Martin Marger

Minimum of 250 words

Read The American Class System: Pages 54-77, 96-98, 105-107, and read over the Power Elite

1) Explain the growing social inequality in the United States. Focus on 2 reasons why this gap exists and why this inequality is predicted to grow. Support your claims with examples from the readings.

2) Read over the Mill’s Power Elite and Domhoff’s Governing Class. Show in 3 ways how the power elite leverages power over the government and society, use aspects of the readings in your response.

3) Watch the following TED TALK:http://www.ted.com/talks/richard_wilkinson.html

In your own words explain what happens in a society when there is too much inequality between the wealthy and poor (such as our society.) Drawing from the Ted Talk, how can we fix poverty?