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Bertrand Meyer emphasis the importance of using Abstract Data Types as the foundations of classes. He avers that a class should not exist unless there is a clearly well-defined Abstract Data Type that represents it. Do you agree with his thinking? Provide reasons for why developing ADTs would be a good idea to design classes and also any reasons why this would not be necessary and waste of effort, time and resources. Also answer through your individual experience, if you do build well-defined ADTs before you implement your classes?

Provide your reasons through examples from your experience of using or not using Abstract Data Types.

Please answer this opinion based, like whether you agree or disagree because it says "answer through your individual experience".


Please look at this free ebook (Chapter 6) :  ftp://ftp.borg.moe/yarr/Gentoomen%20Library/Software%20Engineering/Object%20Oriented%20Software%20Construction.PDF

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