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Robots and Technology

Cedric Cannon

University of Phoenix


Mrs. Shelia

April 27, 2021

Robots and Technology

The article I chose to read is called “Robots will take our jobs… and make more.” The real content of the article is to put the world on notice. The author is trying to inform the world to be ready to lose jobs especially those of middle-class America. The article is a great read and puts out a lot of information. I highly recommend it to anyone who has not read it. I deeply agree with this article because robots/technology are taking over the world.

The Teacher and Informer

The author’s position in this article was to be a teacher. Putting out valuable information to his audience. When reading the article, I look at the author as an instructor for my college courses. They both have similarities because they play the role of informing people. Technology has rapidly grown over the years and it will continue to grow in the future.

Also, the author’s other position is to show the world that robots are taking over jobs. Middle-class America will lose their jobs while the unemployment rate will continue to rise. We all know how bad the unemployment rate has been lately due to the global pandemic, so just imagine how it will be in the future. A great example is how bank tellers are being replaced with cash machines known as ATMs (Robots 2018). There are even more examples in the world that the author did not include in the article. I agree with the author’s position and another example I thought of myself is how coffee makers have evolved over the years. Before we know it, your local Starbucks will be employed by robots. Go right in the store and press a few buttons and there is your coffee.


The author of this article has great points and we all should take time to read it. I still stand on agreement with the author about how robots are taking over our jobs. If you think that robots are not taking over the world and jobs, then you are just blind. ATMs are the best example, and we all use them quite often. It will be quite some time when there is, no jobs in America. Just continue to be on notice because one of these days it will happen.


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