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Book name: The naked lady who stood on her head – Gary Small & Gigi Vorgan

Can you read this book in two weeks and make a report out of it?

NOVA Psychology Book Report Format

1. Introductory section: This section contains the following information (1 point):

· Professor the book report is being written for.

· APA format citation that states basic information about the book.

1. The Basis for Selection section should state the reason(s) you decided to read this book (1 point). These reasons do not have to be complex, but you need to specify what it is about the book that caught your interest and what role you feel Psychology plays in terms of reading and analyzing the content. Also include here any additional information, such as awards the author or book has won, how many copies are in print, etc. Typical reasons you may have chosen this book might be:

1. You like the author, explain why.

1. You like this type of book (i.e. fiction, non-fiction, biography, history, mystery, science fiction, research, western, adventure, romance, etc.), explain why.

1. Someone recommended the book to you, why did you respect their opinion?

1. It was on a required reading list, why was it on the list?

1. Main Character(s), persons, and Other Characters or groups section as applicable (2 points): If appropriate, discuss who the main people or characters of the book are, and why they are important. If it is structured without characters or is in an alternative format, explain how the intent and story are structured and communicated. You can also cover each of the other prominent or important people or characters in the book. Identify the main important people or characters and the key role that each one plays in the book. If this is content-related, write how the content would be applicable to people who read the book and why the content is important.

1. Plot Summary Section (3 points): Cover main points of the story or content, making sure you cover all of the major parts of the plot, content or story:

· State the type of book and how this affects your analysis.

· What and where is the setting and context of the book? What time period was the book set in? (19th century, the present, ancient Rome, the 23rd century).

· What other physical location details are important (vehicles such as ships or airplanes; structures such as houses, buildings, caves, woods, rooms; cities; countries; etc.)?

· What other notable attributes of the book are important (violent situations, scary situations, rising above adversity, historical precedence or fast-paced activities, etc.)?

· What is/are the main character(s) or people trying to do?

· What is/are the outcome(s) of the book?

· What are any other relevant plot or content details you feel add to the reader’s understanding of what the book is trying to convey in terms of the plot?

1. Analysis, Impressions and Conclusions section (3 points): Discuss what you liked or did not like about the book, and apply Psychological concepts and constructs that you feel are relevant to the content. Make sure you make a strong analysis of why Psychology applies to the understanding of the book.

4. What was the thematic message of the book?

4. Why you liked and/or disliked the book?

4. What are the book’s strong points and weak points?

4. What did you learn from the book?

4. How does the discipline of Psychology inform the reading of the book?

4. How does Psychology help the reader in better understanding the book?

4. Would you recommend the book to others? What would you say to them to get them to read the book?

The body of your book report should not exceed four (4) double-spaced pages of text without using section or page breaks using standard font 12 pt.