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Boots with 6-inch heels were a fashion rage among young Japanese women a few years ago. Several teens died after they tripped over their shoes and fractured their skulls. However, followers of the style claimed they were willing to risk twisted ankles, broken bones, bruised faces, and other dangers the platform shoes caused. One teenager said, “I’ve fallen and twisted my ankle many times, but they are so cute that I won’t give them up until they go out of fashion.” Many consumers around the world seem willing to suffer for the sake of fashion. Others argue that we are merely pawns in the hands of designers, who conspire to force unwieldy fashions down our throats.

What do you think?

What is and what should be the role of fashion in our society?

How important is it for people to be in style?

What are the pros and cons of keeping up with the latest fashions?

Do you believe that we are at the mercy of designers?