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Question Description


In all my classes this semester, I decided to include a discussion about how you can make a difference in the lives of children. Just like voting, to me it’s one of the ways I see Child Development students making a difference in the world. Please watch this Ted Talk by Rita Pierson Every Kid Needs a Champion (Links to an external site.) and then reflect about what hit you the most as you listened to the words Ms. Pierson shares. What in her message resonated with you, spoke to you personally or as a potential teacher (for those of you who hope to teach)? Even if you don’t plan to teach, something in her talk will touch your student experience… did you ever have a teacher like her? Or do you wish you had a teacher like her?

Initial Post:

For this discussion, just share your thoughts about the video. That’s all… what was meaningful for you? Write two good, well-developed paragraphs.

Reply to Fellow Students:

Now reply to two of your classmates. Ask them questions or make comments about how their posts were meaningful to you. Take the time to really personalize your reply to them. Be sincere, be thoughtful, be connected.

Due Dates:

Your initial post is due by Sunday November 15th 11:59PM, and your two replies are due by Wednesday, November 18th 11:59PM.

Important Note:

If you have me for more than one class this semester, you have my permission to use the same post for each class. However, your replies to the two other students have to be specific to the post that student made, so your replies will need to be unique and may not be the same.