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A 68-year-old female patient tells the nurse that she is experiencing shortness of breath and coughing when she exerts herself physically, even when she performs routine household activities, such as climbing stairs and unloading groceries. Although she quit smoking 20 years ago, she knows she is at risk for heart disease because of her family history of atherosclerosis. Her mother developed cardiovascular disease when she was in her early 40s. Moreover, this patient’s activity level has slowed significantly since retiring from teaching 4 years ago. She rarely exercises and has gained 25 pounds, mostly in her midsection, due to her new habit of eating junk food while watching TV. What can she do to decrease her risk for heart disease?

nitial DQ Response MUST be at LEAST 200 words

Must include a citation (in APA format). Cite your book, a research article, or other.

The references must be (in APA format).