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Case Study #5

The Case Study exercises were designed to help you increase your ability to draw conclusions and develop inferences about attitudes and behavior when confronted with situations that are common in the workplace today.

: To complete this assignment, you must first watch the two short video clips in this learning module. When watching the videos, pay close attention to Stuart (the minion standing to the side while the others attempt to switch the light bulb) and the ant who coordinates the efforts of the rest of the ants. In your essay, address the following writing prompts:

1. In reference to team leadership, what conclusions can we draw concerning the behavior of these main characters (i.e. Stuart and the coordinating ant)?

2. Which team would you rather be a part of? Why?

3. Notice that, at the end of the video clip of the ants, the coordinating ant jumps onto the ball of other ants and helps in the effort. What does this say about him as a leader?

4. Suppose Stuart was leading the efforts of the ants. . . what do you think would have resulted? Why? 

: 350 – 500 words each (roughly 1 – 1 ½ pages double-spaced 12 point Times New Roman font). Remember, it is imperative that your writing flow logically and contain formal structure and near perfect grammar and punctuation. I encourage you to incorporate outside sources with proper citations in APA format.