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important for the nurse to obtain?

-Approximate time of symptom onset

– Loss of bladder control

-Progression of symptoms

-Other medical conditions

36. The nurse is assigned to a client diagnosed with head and neck cancer who is receiving enteral feedings vía gastrostomy tube (G -tube ). When the nurse is called away to care for another client which task could most appropriately be delegated to the unlicensed assistive person (UAP )?

– Exploring how the client is currently coping with the diagnosis

-Administering a bath and changing bed lineas

-Determining the amount of residual for the tube feeding

-Giving mouth care and assessing the oral cavity changes to this answer

37. A presents to the emergency department (ED) with a stab wound to the right upper abdominal quadrant The client’s vital signs are : blood pressure (BP ) 85/60 (HR) minute (bpm ). The nurse should immediately suspect damage to which organ ?

– Kidney




38. A nurse cares for a client with a fractured fibula . Which assessment would alert the nurse to take immediate action ?

-Pain of 4 on a scale of to 10

-Feeling cold while lying in bed

-Swollen extremity at the Injury

-Numbness in the extremity

65. The nurse is planning care for a client who sustained an ankle sprain and has prescribed hydrocodone/acetaminophen (Norco) for the pain. What statement by the client causes the nurse to question the routine plan of care?

-I know that this is an opioid and I need to be careful when taking it

-I can still drink my end of day beer with this medication “”

-“”I should rest

right ? 67 A client with bone cancer receiving chemotherapy has developed bone marrow suppression. Which laboratory results are highest priority for the nurse to assess at this time? -Calcium level -Phosphorus level – White blood cell count -Prostate -specific...