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Change Management Plan Analysis based on a case study 3-5 pgs includes chart that follows the instructions with competent, relevant college level written content, plagiarism free in APA  format?


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Change Management Plan: based on the Case Study of The Peppercorn Dining Analysis


Revisit the mini-case study Peppercorn Dining using this hyperlink to book, or copy & paste it your browser, file:///C:/Users/User/Documents/Organization-Development-and-Change9thed%20BOOK.pdf

The Peppercorn Case Study begins on Pg. 217 – 238

How consultants see organizational issues will, in part, determine how the feedback process will be designed? Choosing a diagnostic/analytic model is no small issue. There is no evidence in the case that a particular diagnostic model is driving the data collection process (a potential problem), and there are at least two models that would work. However, Perhaps more relevant in this case assignment, would be an organization-level diagnostic model such as the one presented in Chapter 5, Pgs. 87 -99

DOCUMENT ONE of TWO Requirement

1. Now you, as a consultant are asked to provide details regarding what concepts or models might help you analyze the data?

2. What conclusions would you draw from the analysis?

Assignment Task:

Using on organization-level diagnostic model such as the one presented in Chapter 5, pgs. 87 -99 provide structural detailed analysis of the collected data. For each component of the diagnostic model, include

specific evidence from the case study regarding evidence or lack thereof, and any conclusions

would you draw from the analysis. Your responses must Include the following diagnostic


• Inputs

• Design Components

o Strategy

o Technology

o Other processes if relevant

o Structure

o Management processes

o Measurement systems

o Human resource systems

• Alignment and effectiveness

o Strategy

o Design components

Assignment Submission Requirements:

Format: Use the table template provided at the end of this assignment document to create a

MS Word document for your assignment submission. Do not include any of the

assignment instructions (pages i-ii of this document)

* 12-point font, single spaced in table APA


Length: Document should be 3-5 pages excluding reference list for any external resources (you

do not need to reference the textbook if this is the only resource used?

* If your submission is less than 2.5 pages (excluding references) you will receive an

additional 20% penalty.

* The actual agenda should be presented in table format, either a single table for the

entire retreat or a separate table for each day.

Cited external sources: Use American Psychological Association (APA) format for citations. Here

is a web-based reference for general APA style citations:



You are welcome to find your own APS style resource.

Academic Requirements: You must include elements of organizational development and

change, as described in the textbook (or cite your source if you use a different

resource) to justify or explain each component of your proposed retreat agenda.

. All documents will be processed through the TurnItIn



DOCUMENT TWO of TWO Requirement- Table Template

Peppercorn Dining Data Analysis:

Analysis Component

Evidence from Case Study

Conclusions from analysis

Additional Comments

External References:

Online copy of entire book: GOOGLE

Organization Development and Change, 9th ed.

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by TG Cummings · Cited by 8025 — study guide for individuals wishing to learn more about how organization develop- … focus student attention, and an analysis of the case situation.

793 pages

Includes Chapter 5 and The Peppercorn Case Study