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CHAPTER 1:  Finding Your Inner Fish

1. What are three major lines of evidence that are used to understand ourselves (how our bodies came to be the way they are)?

2. What is paleontology?

3. What is one of the greatest transitions in the history of life on Earth?

4. Matching:  If we could look at a column of sedimentary rock that contained fossils from the entire history of life, which order would be correct:

a.  lowest layers

b.  2nd lowest layers

c.  3rd layer from bottom

d.  2nd layer down from top layer

e.  Top layers

1. remains of creatures with skeletons, appendages, and various organs

2. impressions of jellyfish-like organisms

3. earliest creatures with backbones

4. little of no traces of life

            5. human fossil remains

5. What are the best kind of rocks to preserve fossils?

6. What does the presence of warm-adapted fossil species (from tropical seas, for example) at what today are extreme altitudes and latitudes (frozen mountain tops) tell us about the history of the Earth?


8. What kind of animal has scales, fins, a flat head, eyes on top of head, and a neck, and inside the fins has upper arms, forearms and wrists?