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MODULE 4 Project Assignment: Contaminant Occurrence (individual submission)

With your team members, select a chemical contaminant (Atrazine) that is of interestto all of you. While you are going to work on your Module 4 to 6 project assignments individually, it isimportant that you research the same contaminant in order to be able to combine your work into yourgroup final report in Module 7.In module 4, research your selected chemical contaminant (either inorganic or organic) that is of interestto you. You should focus on the occurrence of the chosen contaminant describing the sources, transport,and the fate of the chemical (in simple terms, where does your contaminant come from, how does itspread, and where does it end up?). Depending on your chosen contaminant and as applicable, you shouldconsider both hazardous waste materials that contain your compound as well as environmentalcontamination.Please use federal or state government documents and websites as your primary sources of information.Besides the US EPA, the US Geological Survey (USGS) also has a wealth of resources on contaminantoccurrence in the environment. You may also use other resources but make sure that the documents thatyou cite come from a reliable source and that the information found in those documents is technicallysound.

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