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Persuasive Sales Messages

This week you’ll be creating your own sales letter to sell a product! Feel free to get creative and invent a product or sell one you’re familiar with or admire. Now for this assignment imagine yourself as the marketing director for the company selling that product. You are in charge of writing a one-page (250 words double spaced) sales letters to help sell your product!

You will need to create that one-page sales letter using the persuasive techniques you’ve learned from this week’s lecture and textbook chapter. Organize your sales letter covering the four steps of the AIDA Strategy for Sales Messages. You will be graded on your effectiveness to sell this product and the use of the persuasive techniques learned this week.

On a separate page, after the end of the sales letter, share a paragraph (150 words) about who your target audience was, the persuasive techniques you used, and clarify how you used the AIDA strategy.

View your assignment rubric.