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Question Description

In this activity you will be gathering research about ethical theories to support your final research paper topic. You will summarize and evaluate your research by compiling a bibliography of sources you plan to use for your paper.

For this assignment, you will gather research from at least tencredible sources that will support your final paper topic and provide atheoretical framework for ethical communication. Your instructor hasprovided a course bibliography ofmany books that either focus on ethics and ethical communication orcontain information about communicating ethically in interpersonal,organizational, public or media settings. You may choose to select up tofive books from this course list as sources for your paper; however,you must locate at least five additional resources from scholarlyarticles, professional publications, credible websites, or newspapers tosupport your research topic. Wikipedia and personal blogs are notconsidered credible sources. Please refer to the library tip sheet onhow to perform research for your topic. After you have located your tencredible sources, you should write a 50-word summary and evaluation foreach, identifying the points you want to include in your final paper aswell as stating how the source is relevant to the final assignment.Summarize in your own words, but do not quote directly from the sourcesunless you are using a definition. This activity aligns with moduleoutcome 3.

Writing Requirements

  • Select ten credible sources for your paper topic. Up to five booksmay be selected from the course bibliography, but at least two must befrom outside sources.
  • Write a 50-word summary for each of the ten sources.
  • Prepare a title page listing your research topic and your name.
  • Organize your bibliography in alphabetical order according to thetitle of the primary author’s last name. If the author is notidentified, then alphabetize the source according to the title of thearticle or website.
  • Below each source in your bibliography, insert your 50 word summary and evaluation for that source.
  • Only definitions may be quoted. All other information must be in your own words.
  • The completed bibliography should be a minimum total of 500 words.

Content Requirements

  1. The bibliography should include sources that provide information about an ethical theory or theories that will support your paper topic.
  2. The bibliography should include sources that support a focused topic in ethical communication rather than a general discussion of ethics.
  3. At least 2 sources discussed in the paper must be outside sources rather that those already identified within the course materials provided.

This course uses the American Psychological Association (APA) formatfor scholarly writing. References and citations must adhere to theproper format for all written work presented including essays,discussion postings, and essay exams. Online tips for using APA style may be found at the Excelsior Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.).Your research should be documented by citing one or more crediblesources such as the course readings and videos, scholarly articles andbooks, or educational websites. Wikipedia and any similar onlinereference sites where the content may be authored by anyone are notconsidered credible sources for scholarly writing.