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We have had the opportunity to talk a little bit about some of our hopes, dreams, and goals for the future.  Some of you have also been able to share what your career goals may look like.  Please choose one career of your interest to begin doing some active research in order to find out more information about how to obtain this goal.  Some of you may currently have multiple career goals and this is fine, but for this assignment please try to narrow it down to the one that you are leaning the most towards.  You will write a short informational essay about your ONE career choice using the MLA format. This paper should be double-spaced minimum 3 pages. If you are using citations, you do not need to attach a “works cited” page, if you decide to include a “works cited” it will not be included into your page limit. (MLA formatting tips: Link (Links to an external site.) )

Note: This is not a personal reflection paper, we are not only looking at the reason why you chose your career but rather, this is an informational research paper. We are specifically looking for information. So for full points, please make sure you are able to answer all of these bullet points regarding your career choice:

  • Definition and Description of Career
  • Education and Training Needed
  • Opportunities for Advancement
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Aptitudes and Values Required

You are free to use whatever career database you wish for the research. You may want to start with the ONET Online Website: Link (Links to an external site.)