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Creative Practicing (CP):This project is designed to provide you with an opportunity to stretch your own creativity through regular practice over several weeks (12 hours minimum practice time is required).  The focus of your creative practicing should be something personally meaningful.  Some possibilities are:  writing, movement/dance, interior decorating, family activities, relaxation/meditation techniques, oral history, cuisine, photography, flower arranging, gardening, woodworking, entertainment, etc.  Whatever you choose as your creative practicing goal,you must be able to defend it in terms of an opportunity to try out something new or do something in a new way.   Just motivating yourself to do something you do not want to do (such as exercise, clean out the garage, etc.) does not constitute a project for this assignment unless you can show me how creativity is necessary to accomplish the task.  The ultimate goal to keep in mind is exploring and developing your own creativity. 

Evaluation will be based on your effectiveness in choosing a goal that can stretch your creativity and in developing your own personal creativity through practice.  Each student will share the following elements of his/her experience: 

  1. A)  A description of the creative practicing project you selected and a rationale for why you selected it (15 points)
  2. B) Examples of the practicing at various stages (15 points)
  3. B) Descriptions and reflections of blocks to your creativity that occurred and what techniques you employed to overcome those blocks (20 points)
  4. C) A summary assessment, including what you think was accomplished, how you feel about the experience, how you might change your creative practicing, and what avenues you plan to address with creative practicing in the future. (25 points)

Note: The format for how you address A-C is up to you.  You may submit a paper, imovie, powerpoint, website, etc.  Be creative and have fun.