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CSC 102: Application Development for Beginners 

entering the site CODE.ORG with my user and pass 

then creat a game and start using the codes that the ask in the assignment  to make a game 

Fall 21/22 Computer Science Department


CSC 102: Application Development for Beginners
Assignment 1

At the start of your game:

• Create a Background set to the flat Forest scenery
• Create a sprite named “mySprite” set to a Rabbit custom
• Show to the player a welcoming message
• Create one more sprite with a play button custom

When the user clicks the play button
• Create a new sprite with a rock custom and size 50px
• Set the rock location to be on the ground of background scene, the rock is moving west

and looping
• After 2 seconds into the game, add three sprites with carrot custom, and set the sprite

size to 80. Also, set the location of the carrots to be x-axis (380) and the y-axis to be a
random integer between 1-300

• Make the carrots move west and looping
User can:

• Control the rabbit using the arrows up and down only for movement
• Keep track of a score value that is initialized with 0, always show the score to the player

When the rabbit hits any carrot:

• Add 2 points to the score
• Re-allocate that specific carrot to a different location with x-axis to 380 and y-axis to

random location between 1-300
• Add a sound that matches the action happing (happy rabbit)

When the rabbit hits the rock:
• Remove 1 score
• Print a message “Ouch!” with a sound that matches the action

Level two case:
• When the rabbit reaches 10 points change the scene and remove all other characters,

except the rabbit
• Create two rocks and distribute them vertically on the second background scene
• Create three carrots with size 50 and set their location as previously described

Losing case:
• When the rabbit reaches 0 or less points, end the game and remove all sprites, show

proper message on screen to the user.
Winning case:

• When the rabbit reaches 20 points, congratulate the player on his winning, and end the
game by removing all sprites.


• In the second level increase the speed of the rock sprites while moving west and looping