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Introduction to Oceanography Semester Project

You have worked very hard learning the more about the field of Oceanography so far this semester. It’s time to apply that knowledge into a more creatively-focused assignment. For your semester project, you will be creating an infographic on a topic of your choice. Infographics are a mixture of text and images that are designed to educate people on a particular topic, but in a visually appealing manner. The must be visually attractive and easy to interpret/understand.


  1. Choose one oceanographic topic related to something we have/will discuss in class. the topic you can pick from are waves and tides or ocean and atmosphere interactions. The more specific your topic, the easier this project will be.
  2. Research this topic IN DEPTH. Keep track of your references. These references MUST be credible (Example: Wikipedia is not a credible source)
  3. Design and create an infographic that would teach someone with no prior knowledge about this topic. Include in the infographic: some written information, pictures, visual aids, links to informational pages, maps (if applicable) etc. etc.
  4. Write a 1-page summary that summarizes the research you completed to make your infographic and what you learned about your topic.
    • This one-page summary should be no less than 400 words and no more than 550 words.
  5. Generate a list of credible references you used to understand your topic and create your infographic, formatted in APA or MLA format.

An example of an infographic on overfishing is provided here:

fishing infographic