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1- In class we had Deaf guest speakers, sign interpreters, and live captioning. You were able to observe access and inclusion in action. You observed Deaf etiquette. In the context of these concepts, describe 2 specific, noteworthy things you noticed about Deaf Culture during this class?

2- Our speakers shared their D/deaf identities in class. They also discussed whether or not they consider themselves disabled. What about their life experiences and beliefs did they say has contributed to how they identify?

3- In class, we had a discussion about Deaf Gain. Name a few of the benefits of being Deaf or of having deafness be a part of our world. Of those benefits, which one most stood out for you or was surprising to you and why?

4- Respond to one of our guest speakers: Donna Duarte, Isidore Nyongabo, Torrey Stouder-Studenmund, or John Keating-O’Laughlin. Why did you choose them? What about them resonated with you and your own experiences or perspectives?