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Your answer to each question cannot exceed 2 pages in Word (I am assuming you will be using single-spacing).Your answer can be shorter than 2 pages, but I would recommend that you use the full 2 pages to indicate to me that you have acquired as much information as possible. The best advice I can give you to insure a high grade on your Final Exam is to use the 2 full pages to answer each question.You should make sure that your exam is no longer than a total of 8 pages in a Word document.

  • Discuss each of the Internal Influences (Motivation, Perception, Personality, Learning and Attitudes) and highlight a specific Figure, Table, etc. from Chapters 4,5,6,7 and 8 that you think represents the most important insight into each influence.
  • Discuss the Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations from Chapter 14.
  • Using any Attitude Model discussed in Chapter 8, discuss how Donald Trump could have changed the attitudes of Biden supporters to have brought about a victory for him.
  • Go through each of the 5 Values in the Consumer Choice Model that you used for your research study and explain how anyone of the Internal Influences is connected to it. For example, you can explain how Motivation is connected to the Functional Value, and how Perception is connected to the Social Value, etc.