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Description: The topic for this cohesive 4-6 page paper (double spaced) is your future occupation that has 2 parts.

Part I: When you graduate, what is the field that you will choose for your occupation? (The occupation choice is Guidance Counselor)

In your introduction, you will describe your future occupation.  What are the main responsibilities of someone in this career? What drew you to this career? 

Part II: Second, please choose three social science disciplines (including Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Gerontology) and explain how each of these disciplines give insight into your future career.  Completing this assignment will require you to synthesize information that you learned across many of your other social science courses.  (Please make sure you cite sources from your previous courses or other research in APA style.)  For each discipline, explain how you will be able to draw on each of these disciplines in your future job.  What unique insights do these disciplines give that will help you do your job? 

Make sure you integrate both these parts of this paper into a cohesive whole with a clear introduction and conclusion.