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Question Description

This week, you should complete and submit the Project (Topic) Proposal. This Topic Proposal will consist of a one-page paper due at the end of Week 3 (worth 20 points toward the overall Final Project grade). This paper should identify the topic you selected for the Course Project. The possible topics for coverage are listed in the Course Project Overview page in the Introduction & Resources Module. In this one-page paper, you should include the following information.

  • Identify the topic for your Course Project paper.
  • Provide a description of the relevancy of this topic to money and banking concepts.
  • Create an annotated bibliography for the outside sources that you will use to complete your Course Project. You are required to use five to seven outside sources for this project.

Here are important reminders related to your outside research. In addition to reviewing the materials in the text to help you get started, outside research will include the online library, the Internet, the Wall Street Journal websites, the Economist, and so forth.


For this project, select one of the research questions below. If you want to select a topic that does not appear in the list below, please contact me for approval.

  1. What has been the impact of the 2007-2008 mortgage crisis on the money supply in the United States? What actions did the Federal Reserve take in response to the mortgage crisis?
  2. What interventions were taken by the Federal Reserve during the most recent recession, and how did these actions compare to strategies implemented in the past? Were the actions successful?
  3. How has the Federal Reserve strategy of the last 5 years affected the U.S. dollar exchange rate? Why did the Federal Reserve follow this strategy? Has it been successful?
  4. How have Federal Reserve actions on the discount rate in the last 3 years affected inflation and unemployment in the United States?
  5. What is Bitcoin, and what is its current and possible future impact on the world money supply? What are the forecast implications to global economics?
  6. Who are the primary holders of U.S. debt (Treasury bonds, etc.) that are outside the U.S.? What would be the impact on financial markets if the largest outside holder of U.S. debt were to suddenly dump that debt on the market?
  7. Explain the global market and banking connection. Are global markets regulated well? Discuss important risk considerations, including exchange risk concerns.
  8. What is the connection between economic and environmental shocks (e.g., global events, wars, and commodity price fluctuations) and changes in money and banking strategy? Highlight specific examples.
  9. Discuss the current structure of the banking industry. Compare and contrast today’s structure versus historical structures. Why has consolidation occurred and who will experience benefits and losses (customers, the institutions, etc.). Why have bank failures occurred? Are there any consequences of consolidation and failure in the industry?
  10. What are the effects of electronic transactions and banking on the industry and/or monetary policy? Have innovations created greater or less efficiency? What has been the role of the Federal Reserve?

Once you have selected your research question, review the materials in the text that can help you get started, and then begin conducting outside research using the online library, the Internet, the Wall Street Journal websites, the Economist, and so forth. From your research, create an annotated bibliography. (An annotated bibliography includes the full reference in APA format and a paragraph explaining the value of the source to your research.) This will help you both in organizing your research and in generating your reference page at the end of the project.

At the end of Week 3, you will submit a Topic Proposal in which you identify the topic you selected for the Course Project. Within this Topic Proposal, you will also include the annotated bibliography for your sources. You are required to have five to seven outside sources for this project. The Topic Proposal will consist of a one-page, typed, single-spaced paper.

The final research paper will consist of a 5- to 6-page, typed, double-spaced paper (750-1,500 words) with at least one graphic (such as a graph or table) that is due at the end of Week 7. The paper should include a title page, an introduction stating the purpose of the paper, the text (5-6 pages), graphic(s), a conclusion, and a bibliography.

The grading rubric is in the Files section titled FIN364 Course Project Rubric, and it is also presented below.