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Landmark Research

More readings on Scientific Management

As you work on your post for this mod, here are some more specific topics and authors for you to use:

· The Human Factor

· Early views on Personnel Management (Ordway, Eilbirt, White, Gilson, Williams)

· Early views on psychology in organizations (Willaism, Booth, Blackford and Newcomb)

· Industrial Sociology (Wren, Whiting)

· Labor movement (Ely, McKelvey, Green)

· Management Process and Organization Theory (Fayol, Breeze, Pearson)

· The early principles of management (Fayol)

· Elements of Management (Fayol)

· Bureaucracy (Weber) – advantages and disadvantages

· Scientific Management in Theory and Practice (Whiting, Dexter and Kimball, Dean, Person, Thompson, Nelson)

· Early Org Theory (Rautenstrauch, Williams, McKinsey)

· Scientific Management in Retrospect – resource utilization, technology, political influences (Roosevelt)

Prepare a one page summary of the article you found and post it to the discussion forum.