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Do only questions about the chocolate!

I chose “chocolate” to be my topic, because it is one of the most popular sweet treats in the world, also because chocolate has been present in my life since I was a young child, and also because I feel that chocolate is present in my days, no matter how I am feeling; if I am happy, I will have a chocolate, if I am anxious or sad, I will have some too, probably more than when I am happy. Moreover, I am having a small bar right now while I write this essay. 

In Brazil chocolate is famous and cheap because the main product used to fabricate chocolate can be found in the Amazon Forest. In Brazil or in any other country, you can find it in many possible ways: as liquid, solid or paste, on its own or as a flavoring agent in other foods. Also, you can find it sweet or bitter. White, dark or milk chocolate.  

When was chocolate first made? What people invented it? Has chocolate always been a kind of treat? Besides cocoa, what other ingredients are used to make chocolate? Is chocolate popular in other countries? How is white chocolate made? What is the most consumed type of chocolate? What country produce and consume more chocolate?  

Chocolate is one of the oldest treats in society, and I am excited to hear how chocolate is seen in other cultures. 

Do only questions about the lasagna

Lasagna is the most popular Italian dish. I choose Lasagna because lasagna is my favorite food. The first time my mom cook lasagna it smell so good and it was delicious. When I first consumed it, it was almost like magic and as if heaven erupted in my mouth. I can not live without eating lasagna it’s really good. During the holiday’s lasagna is one of the dishes we always cook. I only eat it when my mom cooks it though. The first time I learned how to make lasagna by myself I was 12 years old, it was so easy to make. The ingredients I used were beef, green peppers, red Peppers, yellow pepper, black pepper, Haitian epis cayenne, garlic powder, cowbell hell seasoning blend, cheese, heavy cream, dragone ricotta cheese, Mariana Sauce and the lasagna pasta sheets, these are most of the ingredients I used, but people some used different ingredients. I know most of the time when people have a party or a dinner they make lasagna. 

The Question

· What’s  the difference between lasagna and lasagne

· How many layers does  lasagna 

· What is a fun fact about lasagna

· Why lasagna is so popular in Italy

· Do you  put the lasagna under the  stove