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Question Description

There will be a group project, consisting of four students assigned to a group. Each group will select a research or policy question to investigate. Besides the variable to be explained (the dependent variable), there should be two or more independent or explanatory variables for your analysis. Your analysis should include a summary statistic of the data (i.e., measure of central tendency and measure of dispersion), a correlation analysis, regression, and other relevant statistics. Briefly describe your variables, interpret your statistical results, and present a short conclusion. This is not a research paper. The focus is on taking a research question, a policy problem, etc., collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data and results. It is usually part of a policy analysis paper. We are just doing a part of the paper. Your research methods course will add to completing the analysis and reporting the results.

Group presentations will be scheduled during the last week of class. Presentation requirements will be discussed in class

Research question is: Does Hip Hop music make children more aggressive ?

Independent Variables:

Age, gender, expose to hip hop

Dependent variable:

Aggression questionnaire

exposure to hip hop- NBA youngboy

Age group- 8-10

Durham Public School System

  • 30 elementary K-5= 14,147 students https://www.dpsnc.net/domain/78 a little under 50% is 3rd-5th 7,000
  • Sample size – .51%= 36 children of population size for 3rd-5th
  • 6boys and 6 girls for each grade.

Example: 2 groups

We can use the classical music article to guide us in our research

Using Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire to collect data- like the classical article used the comprehension test.

In an experimental study looking at classical music exposure and reading ability in children, the researcher divided the children into two groups (Groups A and B). In Group A, the children listened to Mozart for one hour every day for one month. In Group B, parents were instructed to refrain from playing classical music around the child for one month. At the end of the month, all children were given a reading comprehension test. Those who listened to Mozart daily (Group A) scored significantly higher on the reading test. In this case, the reading comprehension test score is the dependent variable and exposure to Mozart’s music is the independent variable. This is because the test score is dependent on whether or not the child listens to Mozart’s music. The independent variable, exposure to Mozart’s music, is independent because it is something that can be manipulated or changed by the researcher.

Please give stats for us to use in relations to aggression test and age and gender and time. we are saying 1 hr a day of listening to aggressive music for group A which consists of 6 boys and girls and 1 hour of non listening to aggressive music for 1 hr a day in boys and girls 3-5th grade for 1 month. Please create a graph as well