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Journal Assignment: Chapter 10


The Reflective Journal Assignment will help you in developing your interpersonal skills in this course. Literature on personal development suggests that reflective writing about yourself and your interpersonal experiences supports the integration of new learning.

You are expected to keep a journal, writing two entries each Module. Your three entries should be written as follows:

1. Entry one will consist of a response to “ self-reflection” questions posed in the textbook – Reflect & Relate: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication. Each chapter contain several of these boxes. You are encouraged to choose the self-reflection box that is most important to understanding your interpersonal attitudes and skills. Please label the entry with the entire box of questions you are considering.

2. A second entry should respond to the journal prompt posted by your instructor. These prompts ask you to reflect on a particular aspect of the topic under study for the module. Please label the entry with the journal prompt.


· Write two different entries each module. (that means both from above!)

· Entries should be double-spaced and in 12 font that is easy to read. 

· Use an informal tone, but observe conventions of good grammar and spelling. (Use spell check)

· Each entry will be at least one to two paragraphs in length. (A paragraph is five to seven well-developed sentences.)

· A Sample Document has been attached to assist you in setting up your journal.


· You may complete the entries using the sample document to help you set everything up.

· Save your document to your computer using your first initial, last name and week number.  For example, my journal for Week 2 would be RLeber 2.  For Week 3 the file would be named RLeber 3. All others would be named as appropriate.

· Then attach your file.  Click on Submit Assignment to the left.  Find your file and attach.



Chapter 10

Five power currencies are common in interpersonal relationships; resource, expertise, social network, personal and intimacy. Which of these power currencies do you currently possess?

Which one do you feel is the most important?

10 – Activity: Conflict Reaction Paper


(Estimated time for completion: 50-60 minutes)

As you go through your daily activities, look for examples of people engaged in conflict. You are looking for a conflict to analyze. 

· Choose one conflict.

· You may not be a part of the conflict. (Nor may you start it!)

· It must be between two adults. (Children use different rules than adults)

Write a one to two page reaction paper to the conflict.  It should answer these three questions:

1. What happened? Describe the chain of events.

2. How was the conflict resolved? Explain the conflict management strategies used.

3. Based on the chapter, what could the participants have done differently to achieve a better outcome?

Type your paper and submit it as an attached file using you name and Conflict as the file name 

Sample Document:

Here is a template that you can use to format your Journal. Please replace all items in red with your original content. Change all test to BLACK before submitting.

Journal for Module _#__

Entry 1- Date

Self Reflection: Type the entire Self Reflection that you have chosen. Include the page number the Self-Reflection was found on in the textbook.

Response: Please type in your response to the Self Reflection. Responses should be one to two paragraphs long. Please use 5-7 well developed sentences. Double Space.

Entry 2- Date

Prompt: Type the entire Prompt given for this module. The prompt can be found at the bottom of the assignment.

Response: Please type in your response to the Prompt. Responses should be one to two paragraphs long. Please use 5-7 well developed sentences. Double Space.