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During this project you will look at the issue of green construction and use of building materials derived from agriculture products.  You will collect research papers on different aspects of green building construction including agriculture products. Present your thoughts and analysis in a 3-4 pages long report.  Please support your arguments and make sure to discuss IAQ aspects you have learned during the course.  Discuss the future of this topic also.

Green Buildings

Why Are Green Buildings Needed?

Attaining environmental sustainability is a serious challenge facing the world

in the present scenario.

As the world is inching towards zero energy and non-contaminating buildings,

green building constructions seem to be the way to go.

In the event of depletion of resources and pollution of the environment, the

need to go green is the need of the hour.

These trends are alarming people and making them shift to green buildings.


Green buildings can be defined as the buildings that are environmentally

sustainable and responsible.

Green buildings make efficient use of resources throughout the whole

processes like design, building, usage and maintenance.

Green buildings are not only environmentally responsible but also serve all

the other purposes which regular buildings provide.


Green Building by the Numbers

The value of green building construction was approx $12 billion in 2008 and was increased to $60 billion by 2010.

The construction market accounts for 14.2% of the $10 trillion U.S. GDP

The construction market involves a workforce of 120 million people

The three largest segments for nonresidential green building construction (office, education and health care) will account for more than 80% of total nonresidential green construction in 2016.


In the United States alone, buildings account for:

65% of electricity consumption

36% of energy use

39% of greenhouse gas emissions

30% of raw materials use

30% of waste output (136 million tons annually)

12% of potable water consumption

Buildings are one of the heaviest consumers of natural resources.

Factors that are expediting the growth of green buildings:

Unprecedented level of government initiatives

Heightened residential demand for green construction

Improvements in sustainable materials


Are Green Buildings Economical?

The construction cost of green buildings is initially on the higher side

than regular buildings but its long term economic benefits are


Economic benefits like lessening running expenses and enhancing

inhabitant productivity are provided by green buildings.

Green buildings must be looked on as an investment which reaps rich

dividends in the longer run.

Health and environmental Benefits

Health and community benefits:

Improve air, thermal, and acoustic environments

Enhance occupant comfort and health

Minimize strain on local infrastructure

Contribute to overall quality of life

Environmental benefits:

Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity

Improve air and water quality

Reduce solid waste

Conserve natural resources

Maintenance and Costs

The maintenance of green buildings is simple and cost effective.

Green buildings enhance the building durability.

Green buildings ensure good health of the occupant.

Studies suggest that we can attain around 30% energy savings, 20-50% water

savings and 50% reduction in cleaning expenses.

Aspects of Green Building Construction

The criteria for accessing buildings materials is based on resource

management, indoor air quality, contamination and performance.

The energy consumed is huge in the case of building materials and hence

environmentally sustainable building materials must be used in construction.

In the construction of green buildings materials like bamboo for flooring,

woven wool for carpeting and non-volatile organic compounds for paints are

used which are environmentally sustainable.

Aspects of Green Building Construction

Materials with low longevity, regardless of how benevolently created, can

scarcely qualify as green.

Wood is a perfect example for a green material which is characterized by high

durability and is environmentally sustainable

Green building use renewable sources of energy which never deplete hence

benefiting the future generations.

Taking into consideration all the aspects mentioned above, green building

construction can be taken up having less or no harm on the environment.

Green Buildings Impact On Productivity

The ultimate goal of any organization is to maximize productivity and

increase work efficiency.

The working environment is not only critical for a employee’s comfort but

also for his health.

Green buildings ensure occupational health and comfort of the employee and

in turn enhance the productivity of an organization.

Green Buildings Advantages

Green buildings ensure good air and water quality.

Green buildings have an effective waste water management system.

Green buildings ensure sustainability of resources.

Economic benefits like lessening running expenses and enhancing inhabitant

productivity are provided by green buildings.

Green buildings also ensure quality of life.


The green building development addresses various regions, for example, energy efficiency, water administration, material production, building process, tenant wellbeing, indoor air quality, reusing, reusability and waste administration.

LEED green building program is the preferred rating system for use generally.

LEED or leadership in energy and environmental design certified buildings remain to be healthier places to live, highly energy efficient and high performing.

Green Building Goals

The main goal of green buildings is help the environment to improve its


Adoption of green buildings not only benefits an individual but also sustains

the environment simultaneously.


Green building methodology is key in the event that we are to accomplish the

short-and long haul objectives of sustainability, including monitoring energy,

water and enhancing indoor air quality, in the assembled environment.

It is generally not as tuff as people make it out to be and you will tend to feel

better about yourself when you adopt the green movement.