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The role of Nurse Leaders in resolving Lateral Workplace violence.

Capstone Project

Submitted to Grantham University

Graduate Faculty of the School of Nursing

in Partial Fulfillment of the

Requirements for the Degree of

Master of Nursing

(Management and Organizational Leadership Track)



Lenexa, Kansas




The role of Nurse Leaders in resolving Lateral Workplace Violence.





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Chapter 1: Introduction 1

Background 5

Problem Statement 7

Purpose 12

Theoretical Framework 17

Nature of the Project 31

Significance of the Project 32

Definitions 33

Summary 34

Chapter 2: Literature Review 36

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Summary 49

Chapter 3: Project Design 52

Project Design 52

Participants 57

Materials/Instruments 58

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Assumptions and Limitations 68

Ethical Assurances 70

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Chapter 4: Evaluation 72

Evaluation of Project Design 72

Evaluation of Project Implementation……………………………….………….……76

Summary 81

Chapter 5: Implications, Recommendations, and Conclusions 82

Implications 82

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Conclusions 86

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Chapter 1: Introduction


In a health care setting, lateral workplace violence exists. It is an inappropriate and disruptive behavior that is mainly demonstrated by one employee or another, either having a lesser or an equal position. When this occurs, it can be openly displayed and occur in a repetitive nature, escalating over time. Although the acts may appear harmless, they tend to affect nurses by making them uncomfortable in their jobs.  Comment by Darcy Nelson: You need to provide a resource here.

Lateral violence affects nurses by decreasing their sense of well-being and affecting their physical health. This makes them depressed and may reassign with time if nothing is done to solve the issue. This causes a shortage of nurses, which causes the remaining nurses to be overloaded with more tasks. This causes a corresponding burnout and fatigue among them, which affects the patient-an increase in the tasks may lead to reduction in the quality of care, which causes increased dissatisfaction among patients, and later an increase in complications among them Comment by Darcy Nelson: Add citation or resource How do you know that this makes them depressed Comment by Darcy Nelson: Repetitive Comment by Darcy Nelson: Present an overview of why this project is currently of interest. Focus on an area of interest, briefly laying the groundwork for what has been done in the area and why the area is of important social or practical concern, or of theoretical interest. Include appropriate, recent, scholarly sources to support each assertion. Comment by Darcy Nelson: Your task is to provide a thumbnail sketch of what has happened to date during their collective inquiry efforts that can provide an intellectual context for your project, identify territory that has not been explored, and tell the reader how previous research on your project will influence your work. You will fill in this sketch during the literature review.

Statement of the Problem

In my current organization (long-term Care/retirement), there are numerous conflicts among staff members caused by lateral violence presence. This has resulted in poor health care services and increased turnover among them. Therefore, there is need to resolve the issue to mitigate chaos that could later lead to health complications among patients and victims. Comment by Darcy Nelson: Cannot use my we, you I etc in this project.

Describe the situation that needs improvement _______________. Comment by Darcy Nelson: You must answer these 4 questions.

What is happening that should not be happening______________?

What ill effects does this problem create_______________?

What is the evidence of this problem minimum of 2 research articles?

Purpose Comment by Darcy Nelson: What will you do about this problem? That is your purpose to do something about the problem.

With the increase in lateral violence in nursing workplace, there is a need to reduce the behaviors. There are numerous effects associated with the issues, and affects nurses negatively especially when nurse leaders fail to solve them. This project aims at mitigating the negative effects associated with lateral violence among nursing practice. If such issues are not addressed, it affects the performance of Nurses and may later lead to nurses resigning their jobs as a result of having no job satisfaction. Comment by Darcy Nelson: What behaviors? Comment by Darcy Nelson: What are these effects? Comment by Darcy Nelson: What do you mean? What does this look like? Comment by Darcy Nelson: What performance, define performance Comment by Darcy Nelson: Delete.

Theoretical Framework

The Donabedian model will guide the study. Its process, structure, and outcome are used to evaluate and inform efforts made to ensure improved care among patients. The model proposes using various categories, incorporating process, structure, and outcome to assess healthcare quality effectively. For example, a case of lateral workplace violence is caused by multiple factors, including targets on skilled workers due to increases positive attention from managers and supervisors (Akella, 2016). Others may be experience this violence due to being popular and well-liked by the majority of the organization's members. Finally, others hold the stereotype that lateral workplace violence in any organization must take place. For this study, the independent and dependent variables will be participants and the effects of lateral workplace violence that affect the process and the outcome. This theory will assume that the causes of lateral workplace violence affects most nurses in various health care facilities. However, the findings will not be generalized to avoid bias. Comment by Darcy Nelson: Citation Describe your theory Comment by Darcy Nelson: Who are the others? Comment by Darcy Nelson: This is not research it is a project. Comment by Darcy Nelson: Theories do not assume. This theory will “support”

Nature of the Project

The overall project will comprise a set of interrelated activities intended as a permanent endeavor. The study will employ personal-centered approach, which is effective in necessitating effective exploration of lateral workplace violence. Similarly, the selected sample of nurses will be required to have faced lateral workplace violence for at least nine months and be subjected to this violence by a colleague or any healthcare worker. Data collection will be collected using open-ended questionnaires, which will allow nurses to explain everything from their own perception and experience. The sampling and sample size will involve selecting approximately twenty-five nurses to avoid the biases associated with selecting too small or big (Meires, 2018). . Essentially, the researcher will aim at collecting detailed descriptions and quotes from the selected sample during the study to provide detailed information to ensure a successful project. Comment by Darcy Nelson: What are these activities? Comment by Darcy Nelson: You can use this in the beginning of your survey. You cannot choose them. Comment by Darcy Nelson: Need a workplace violence questionnaire. You will not be able to get the data you need with an open ended questionnaire.

Significance of the Study

Lateral workplace violence affects the emotional well-being and productivity of nurses, increasing their desire to leave the job. This leads to poor health among patients in the affected health care centers. This project will assist in mitigating lateral workplace violence among nurses by crossing the gap between nurses or nurses and other health care workers. Also, it will give nurses a chance to address their widespread problems, where that covers all the affected areas. Comment by Darcy Nelson: What do you mean by this? Comment by Darcy Nelson: Reword for clarity

Similarly, the collected data will assist in solving problems in practice and make an outstanding contribution to the nursing field (Polit, 2017). This is by adding knowledge and materials that align with other researchers' previously done works in the field. The work will also include the limitations that may be faced during the study and provide recommendations that future researchers can utilize to make perfect studies. Finally, reviewing literature by other scholars within the field assists in recognizing and appreciating their outstanding contributions to nursing research. Comment by Darcy Nelson: This project aims to provide additional …..


There are various terms that the research paper will incorporate throughout. Such terms include but are not limited to, workplace, process, outcome, and structure. Lateral workplace violence, in this case, refers to repeated and unwanted harmful actions that the doers intend to humiliate, cause distress, and offend their recipients (Meires, 2018). The model that guides the study entails process, structure, and outcome. Structure refers to the qualifications of the provider and the workplace in which the care services occurs. The process will refer to the components that make up the efforts to give and receive care among nurses and patients. Moreover, outcomes focus on the overall patients' recovery, survival, and functions restoration. Finally, the Healthcare workplace will refer to where healthcare workers such as doctors and nurses gather to share skills, experiences, and goals to work hard towards community health. The terms will be used interchangeably, where outcomes will be used when exploring lateral workplace violence, its effects on nurses' operations, and the patients' health.


The nursing practice is dedicated to helping patients who require health care services. Over the years, nurses have been facing situations of lateral workplace violence, which originates from nurses to nurses, healthcare workers, or nurses to leaders. With the adverse environment that this violence causes, the paper addresses in detail the problems associated with it. The researcher selects a sample of nurses to make the study successful on the effects of Lateral workplace violence and later finds strategies to overcome them. The research utilizes a conceptual framework that the Donabedian model guides. This model focuses on improved healthcare among the people- reducing Lateral workplace violence will ensure that nurses do not leave their jobs, which will increase the quality of care rendered to patients. The study utilizes a qualitative, descriptive approach that provides a successful project. Ultimately, the sample size is selected while maintaining internal and external validity control for the data to be collected. Utilizing the highlighted tactics will make the project successful.


Lateral violence is a common phenomenon in a nursing workplace. It mainly manifest through physiological harassment that result in hostility, caused by one nurse or another. This issue is opposed to physical aggression, and the harassments may include intimidations, criticism, intimidations, threats, discouragement, exclusion, disinterest, and verbal abuses, among others. Over years, nurses have faced lateral workplace violence constantly, where they employ an enduring behavior worsened by insults, malicious, and intimidating patterns. This violence results in power abuse, and the victims may feel humiliated, vulnerable, menace, and distress. Comment by Darcy Nelson: Citation Comment by Darcy Nelson: What is it? Comment by Darcy Nelson: Psychological Comment by