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Question Description

In the content posted for this week you read about the importance of and strategies for conversational exchanges, including pre-planned social scripts. You also had the opportunity to review a few pre-planned social scripts. Although such scripts are especially relevant for beginning communicators, they can also be beneficial for more advanced communicators (see the file titled “Self-Constructed Scripts.”). Although both beginning communicators and advanced communicators could use sequential messaging devices for pre-planned social scripts, advanced communicators could also use more complex devices (again see the file titled “Tip of the Month: Self-Constructed Scripts.”).

This discussion question asks you to focus on on individual with whom you are working who has an AAC need or a hypothetical person if you are not working with anyone. For that individual, you need to develop a social script that includes the categories of a script as specified by Musselwhite and Burkhart:

  1. Attention getters
  2. Starters
  3. Maintainers, holders, and interjections
  4. Turn transfers, and
  5. Closings

Your script should be relevant for your target individual (or a hypothetical person) and can be an action script, classroom/work participation script, OR conversation script. Please be sure to tell us what type of script you are posting.

Also, be sure to discuss if you are using a pre-planned social script prepared and recorded by someone assisting the AAC user or if your target individual will be using a self-constructed script.

Student: For this assignment: My student is non-verbal and can’t use a tablet or computer by himself. He need assistance. Any script that you use will be okay.