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Effective Leadership Style

What leadership style is most effective for modern American companies?

Please consider staff diversity.

In order to answer this question, you need to read Northouse, Chapters 4-5.

In addition to answering the question, reply at least to one of your group members. Note you must post your answer(s) before you can read any other replies.

I think is the Coaching leadership. This is a leadership style that combines cooperation and guidance. It solves problems and goals in a cooperative way through the strength of the team. This kind of leadership is about cultivating employees, delegating authority to them, and trusting them completely. This approach is actually related to emotional intelligence, which is more about the state of mind. However, most managers of American companies have a college or higher educational background, so it is not very difficult to implement because of the relative knowledge and cognitive background as the support. This leadership method can also greatly reduce the pressure of employees, which may indirectly lead to the increase of employees’ work enthusiasm, sense of belonging and work efficiency. Also, I feel that this approach is somewhat similar to the Democratic Leadership style. Is to give employees as much space and trust as possible to do their job. It’s very different to not do what the leader wants you to do. In this way, employees will not only finish the work, but also take the initiative to optimize errors, identify them and correct them in time.