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Question Description

Final report paper (12 point font, Times New Roman) that is 8-10 pages long. State your initial goals and indicate how they were met or not met, your future recommendation of the site for future ECSU interns and the reasons for why or why not, and any other issues that occurred during your practicum. Below is a list of the initial goals. The attachments are weekly reports that can be used to complete the assignment.

Initial goals:

– I would like to improvement in their footwork

– I would like to see them gain a more consistent jump shot

– I would like to see their ball handling improve

– I would like to see an incline in their endurance fatigue

– I would like to see my clients develop a better IQ for the game

– I would like to see a maturity growth in my kids

– I would like to see an improvement within guys passing

– i would like to see guys finishing around the rim a lot better